Welcome to Martin Rogers School of Motoring Durkar

Do you want to pass your driving test FASTER?

Learning to drive automatic with Martin in Durkar means you will be taught by an instructor with one of the highest pass rates in the country at 95% which is more than double the national average!

What´s more, his clean sheets per test (when a pupil passes with ZERO driving faults), averages an exceptional 1 in 7. This means you will be giving yourself a very high chance of passing your driving test FIRST TIME and save yourself both time AND money.

How are these results possible?

Martin has been a Registered and Approved instructor for almost 20 years and provides a very high quality of automatic training with lessons tailored to suit the individual pupil. This means that you will learn to drive in Durkar at the ideal pace to suit you and so get the maximum benefit from each and every lesson.

Whether you are a complete novice driving for the first time, a more experienced learner who has already had a number of lessons, or even have a full licence and want to top up on your skills and confidence, just give Martin a call.

Our exceptional pass rate will help you succeed

1 in 6 of our pupils pass with ZERO faults!

Get on the road to your licence with Martin Rogers School Of Motoring
Martin Rogers School Of Motoring
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9am - 7pm
9am - 7pm
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